Sell Your Skills

Sell Your Skills & Services Online

You might be surprised how many different ways there are to make money off your skills (which you might not even realize you have!) or sell your services online. All of these programs are free to use (except for 1 program which charges a very small fee but will get you tons of great exposure!)

Here are some great free resources to sell your skills and services online.

Sell Your SKILLS:

  • Review Software for Cash
  • Sell Your Freelance Skills
  • Be an Online Tutor
  • Be a User-Tester
  • Participate in a Community  

    Sell Your PHOTOGRAPHY:
  • Sell Your Photos
  • Sell Your Images  

    Sell Your VIDEO CLIPS:
  • Break
  • Catooh  

  • Sell Your Collections  

    Sell Your ARTWORK & DESIGNS:
  • CafePress
  • Mailpix
  • Zazzle  

    Sell Your CRAFTS:
  • Etsy (not free but very affordable)
  • Shop Hand Made
  • Craft is Art