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The MoneyFix Network is a free guide for people interested in using the internet to supplement their income. Our focus is on FREE programs and tools that can help us achieve our goals.

Make Money Reading Emails, Completing Surveys, etc.
One easy way to make some free cash is to join free programs that pay your for doing something (like reading emails, completing a survey, playing an online game, etc.) I participate in many of these free programs below. All it takes is some of your time. 
Make Money Selling Your Stuff
It's also possible to make some quick cash by selling your stuff online. You don't have to open your own store. Just ship your extra junk (most vendors offer free shipping!) and get paid. 
Make Money Selling Your Skills
You may not even realize it but there is a good chance you've got a skill to sell online. You can get paid for services like tutoring, testing out web sites, or reviewing software, or for your creative skills in art, photography, video or craftwork, to name just a few options. 
Make Money Promoting Products to Other People
Another way to make more free money is to join free programs that pay you for getting other people to do something (like make a purchase, download a free piece of software, request more information, register for a free service, etc.) This is called affiliate marketing. 

Save Money By Spending Less
One of the easiest ways to "make" money is to spend less of it. Whether you are trying to improve your credit, get out of debt, or comparison shop for the best insurance or loan, we've got the free money tools you need to save big bucks. 
Shop Online for Super Savings
You can find major discounts when you shop online. Check out these incredible deals and save big. 
Get Free Stuff
There are lots of ways to get free stuff without having to spend a dime. Let us show you the way.