Make Money Without a Website

Free Tutorial: Make Money Online Without a Web Site

This tutorial is designed for people who want to make money using free affiliate programs but do not want a web site of their own.

While some affiliate programs only supply html code snippets that you must cut and paste into an existing web site, there are many free affiliate programs that will give you a version of their web site to refer your visitors/recruits to using a special url provided to you once you join their program.

1) So, the first step in this tutorial is to go sign up for an affiliate program which you wish to promote. I have listed my favorites on the GET PAID TO MARKET page. Once, you have signed up for a program (or a few programs), you can go on to the next step.

2) Once you have signed up for a free affiliate program, you can login to the affiliate area of your partner's web site and get the linking code that will make sure you get paid for sending people to your affiliate partner's web site. For example, my wireless cell phone store partner gave me this code [ ] to refer people to. This is nice because all I have to do is get people to go to that url and I will get credit for the referral. The problem with many of these codes, including this one, is that they are ugly and inconvenient to promote. So what is the answer? Free redirect urls. To get a free redirect url, I recommend They provide multiple url choices and your new short url can even keep stats on your traffic for you.

3) Now that you have your short url, you are ready to promote, promote, promote. Begin by making sure to include your referral link at the bottom of your emails. Your signature file can be just a line of text with your web site link or you can use a graphic signature file. There are innumerable free tools online to help you generate a graphic signature file for your emails.

For example, you might like Need a Sig, a cool graphic email signature generator. Once you have your signature file designed and in place, you can start promoting your affiliate link every time you send an email or post in an online forum.